Adaptive living

We’re here to assist and support those with limited mobility and visual impairments to create a home that makes life that bit easier.

Adaptive Living Services

As specialists in adaptive living services, we are constantly looking at ways to improve how you utilise your space,
ensuring it fits your needs and caters to your lifestyle.

Stay independent with adapted living

Our creative services make your home a place of comfort and ease so that you can stay independent. Our in-house team of specialists will work with you to fully project manage your renovation.

Below are some of the services we have delivered:

Adapting your home, making it safe and accessible.


Renovate or Relocate?

You have the potential to save money in year one with an adapted home versus full-time care.

Part time/full time care

£1k-3k per week

Home amends/garage conversion

One-off investment £5k-30k

What to expect

Helix have expertise in general household alterations all the way through to major property developments.


We will fully assess your requirements to ensure you have everything you need and our expert team are DBS cleared. You can even ‘meet the team’ — so you know exactly who will be carrying out the work before they arrive.


Sometimes moving house or into assisted living is the only option, but adaptive living is designed to keep you in your home for as long as possible, making it a cost-effective solution whilst giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Adaptive living

We believe that your home should fit your life, not just its purpose. So don’t let your home change the way you live; let us adapt it to suit your lifestyle so you can stay at home for many years to come.